Sharon Higginbotham Achieve Fitness, Discover Life
Sharon HigginbothamAchieve Fitness, Discover Life

If I Can You Can


  • A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer
  • A.C.E. Certified Health Coach
  • A.C.E. Senior Fitness Specialist

Additional Education:

  • Training Clients with Low Back Pain
  • Corporate Wellness
  • Youth Exercise 
  • In-Home Personal Training

Other Professional Experience

  • Registered Nurse
  • Ordained/Licensed Minister 



For 40 years I lived sedentarily and ate what I craved. Out of shape and overweight, I had aches & pains and could no longer do things that I enjoyed. Exertion was my 4-letter word. 


At 40, I knew that if I wanted to reach retirement and enjoy it too, then I had to change. 


Step 1: Taking responsibility for myself. No more excuses, no more shifting blame. I alone am responsible for my body. 


Step 2: Committing myself to live intelligently, not emotionally. 


  • intelligent eating instead of emotional eating 
  • choosing foods based on nutritional value, not cravings
  • learning to do what I didn't like to do, then loving the gratification that came with it


When I pulled my head out of my ... uh, the sand and read food labels, the junk in junk food made it a turn-off. 


Step by step, my weight started dropping and I was feeling great! I ... 




... and you can too


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