Sharon Higginbotham Achieve Fitness, Discover Life
Sharon HigginbothamAchieve Fitness, Discover Life

What clients say about Sharon

"Sharon was my personal trainer for 3 years. She is a highly qualified professional with notable technical knowledge and authentic motivational tools. She tends to innovate and create a new dynamic for our classes. This is a kind of learning that will always be imprinted in my conscious. A comparison of my medical reports confirms the improvements in my general health. By consistently following her instructions regarding exercise and better food intake and habits, I have lost more than 10 kilos, gradually modeling my body into a healthy, active person." 

Rosana V. 



"Sharon was my personal trainer for 16 weeks. I find her extremely knowledgeable in general conditioning techniques as well as special care for me. She gave full attention to me during workouts, set up workouts, and then changed them according to what I needed and how things felt. Sharon is a good trainer, committed to her clients, and delivers on her promises. She will give you 100+ percent and expects the same from you. She'll do her part, and if you do your part, the results are guaranteed. 

Srisudee H



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